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Since the beginning, all of A.I.N.A.’s projects have been realized and supported by volunteers: there is who has participated in a constant manner since the conception of a project up until its actualization: who has participated for the period of time necessary to complete punctual and aimed interventions, as doing a photoshoot, taking care of purchases for the Christmas markets, preparing pamphlets for an event, studying the feasibility of a construction project. Many have given their contribution, according to the feasible time and capabilities they had. 

We are, therefore, always excited to welcome new volunteers: everyone brings a new thought, a new special contribution and we are always in need of collaborations and support.

If you like our job and you would like to regularly collaborate as volunteers, there are many possibilities. Contact us, email uu, come to visit us, let us know your proposals.

In the meantime we would like to give you a few ideas on how you could be helpful:

How to become AINA volunteers

There are many ways to become A.I.N.A. volunteers, all equally important and useful, the main ones are:

  • To initiate a long-distance adoption for a child of the village by supporting, partly or entirely, the expenses for his or her education and medical cures. These adoptions can also be done by a group: co-workers, friends, classes and families;
  • To offer your own competences to the village in Kenya. Some professions are extremely useful to the village, for both the ordinary and extraordinary activities, for instance, plumbers, electricians, agronomists, nurses, teachers, people specialized in puericulture; sewers, clobbers, people working with leather are also useful to activate laboratories for young men and women. We also welcome young and willing people that could help the workers in day-to-day activities: cleaning, cooking, the shamba, and the nursery.


The main direction for the aspiring volunteers are:

  • To participate to the training courses that A.I.N.A. organizes;
  • To have a discrete knowledge of English;

  • To be suitable for a volunteering experience, by attempting to promptly “read” the prejudices and/or the stereotypes that each one of us is bearer and victim towards Africa, in particularly the sub-saharan part, since they might influence not only the thoughts, but also the actions and behaviours in the relations that that you are going to build. it is crucial to acknowledge that in the volunteering experience you will encounter different cultures and lifestyle, thus you need to be respectful of the diversity;

A small financial contribution per week it required, to cover the permanence expenses in the village;

Send the request to the email: [email protected] with a brief résumé.

Volunteers in Rome

It is possible to collaborate with the administrative office of A.I.N.A. even if you are available for only half a day per week. If you have more time available, there are a series of small projects that you could help us with, sometimes even from your home. Contact us, email us, come to meet us.

Volunteers in Italy

You can help us even if you cannot come to us in our headquarter in Rome. Indeed, you can organize a support group to our project (A.I.N.A. pole) with the aim of raising funds and improve the network supporting A.I.N.A. We have already activated various poles in Italy: maybe you have one (or more) nearby with which you can collaborate. Otherwise, why don’t you organize a new group? An A.I.N.A.’s pole could simply have as objective to fund a SaD: a long-distance adoption. A school, a group of co-workers, a school, a group of friends could join together to fun the scholastic path of one or more children.

Volunteers in Africa

It is also possible to sustain A.I.N.A.’s project by offering a contribution directly in our village in Kenya. Many A.I.N.A.volunteers have started with collaborating in the office and have then desired to answer more directly to our specific  requests for ” Children of the Noon” or even have made new proposals: you can read here their statements about their experience in Kenya. If you have specific competencies to bring to the table in our project or if you are capable of answering to our requests, it is still necessary – before being able to plan a period of volunteering in Kenya – a period of training, and also some time to better know each other. Contact us, email us, come to meet us.